Soletanche Bachy at Palazzo Sacchetti

Why talk about work? The leaders of Soletanche Bachy in Rome for a splendid Rugby game and a dinner with Chef Siriano Fidanza, at Palazzo Sacchetti

Food…agreement and good mood

A very successful event, a luxury location and guests of excellence: Soletanche Bachy.
On 3 February 2013, Italy and France clashed in a rugby match, in which Italy gave its best.

“I had the hard task of cheering up our French guests after a match in which Italy was memorable … We did it”

Siriano Fidanza

Thus memorable days and events are born. And in the evening they are closed in style.


Chef Siriano Fidanza

Prosecco Bolla Superiore avec pépites de Pecorino Romain et poire caramélisée
Velouté de pois chiche et chataigne à l’écrevisse rouge, short de Marsala Florio Antique
Artichant à la Giudea, ricotta de brebis et petit salé croguant
Tagliolini frais, coupés au couteau, aux copeaux de Truffes Blanches d’Ombrie
Variation d’Agneau, créme de céleri rave et pomme de terre
Mousse aux agrumes, poivre et huite d’olive extra vierge
Tortellino de pate aux carottes, écrasée de griottes, ricotta montée et betterave
rouge caramélisée
Biscuiterie accompagnée d’une sélection de distillés et Café
Prosecco Bolla Superiore
Marsala Florio Antique
Vin Blanc: Basilicate igt “Re Manfredi” Cantina Terre degli Svevi 2012
Vin rouge: Valpolicella Classico Sup. Ripasso “Solane” Cantina Santi 2010
Moscaato D’Asti “Alte Rocche Bianche” 2011

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What customers say

There are events where only the place or just the food remains in your mind. In the events organized by Siriano, everything remains in your heart!