“The Chef at your service to eat well”

I come from the italian tradition…

I am Siriano Fidanza

In a context in which the title of Chef is increasingly abused and the care of the professional is lost in the presentation of the dish, we return to search for the cook to eat well and feel good. This kitchen is my life.

This job is the result of a long journey and many sacrifices. That’s why they look for me. Wherever I go my greatest passion is:

“Always cooking like I were in my restaurant .”

Personal Chef

I bring everything and all the trusted collaborators, for the guarantee of success


New openings, business plans, judgment and resolution of problems, logistics and design

Personal training

On-site training of professionals and colleagues, based on activities or events

Pro and home food courses

Professional cooking classes and private courses for great home and successful dishes

Recent posts

Corporate meeting Chef

“I had the hard task of cheering up our French guests after a match in which Italy was memorable … We did it” Siriano Fidanza…

A special Menu for a special event

Villa Lazzaroni 07 Novembre 2012 Carciofo fritto con quenelle di ricotta e guanciale croccante Aliciotti e scarola infornata Variazione di coda * Raviolo al pecorino…

Experience and judgment

For everything that comes before you can say Chef. For a concrete cooking, made not only for appearance. The kitchen is designed and organized thanks to real experience. My goal, as a cook, is to make you eat well. I trust these skills are what you are looking for.