Plan your Events

drink e pesceThe excellent choice of food meets and gives shape to amazing recipes, which can be simple or elaborate but in both cases will leave your guests totally spellbound. Once you experience the true essence of taste, you will look at food and cuisine with new eyes.
Every year, the chef Siriano Fidanza takes part to important events in order to follow more closely new trends and evolutions of international and national cuisine. He is personally involved when it comes to the selection of professionals, chefs, collaborators, confectioners and barmen, so to create the perfect team that will meet any of your requirements or requests. Each event enriches you due to the amazing experience of flavours and scents.

Banquets, parties and feasts

pasta fatta a mano sul postoWe prefer not to call it catering.
It is the restaurant that will come to you, followed by professionals, consultants and wine connoisseurs who will all take care of every single detail.
If you desire so, our sommeliers will be glad to entertain pleasant conversations with wine amateurs or those who will be just curious to apprehend something new.
In the kitchen you will have the art, the creativity and the mastery of the chefs; inside or on the outside in the dehors you will find the skills, the experience and the advices of our sommeliers.
When it comes to our menus we will make any wish come true.. If you will want to discover new worlds and cultures, we will bring to your table new exotic and exciting flavours from far away.
We are available for conferences, conventions and meetings.

Personal Chef

siriano-e-michelaIn the professional section there is a list of some of our chefs and sommeliers, ready to realize your lunches, brunches or evenings prepared directly in your kitchen. We will offer you mastery and style that you may share with friends or guests. We offer all the necessary silverware and service you require for any kind of event you wish to organize with particular attention to the budget at your disposal.

The menu will be created together and you may personally be present during all our preparations. Special consideration will be given to every single detail, such as grocery shopping, table settings and table service.

Lunches and dinners bio

eventi cibo biologico a km0We constantly research and try organic Italian farm producers. We directly get in touch with them, therefore we learn to distinguish the true natural tastes and to give the right importance to those who take care and nourish the earth and national territory. We love to discover and invest in small companies who still work with centuries-old and traditional methods offering excellent regional products.
Each service of the chef Siriano Fidanza is synonymous of first quality choice of ingredients. We personally know each partner and firm we work with, therefore we are always the first to taste each single product they offer. Only after being fully satisfied we are ready to start a collaboration.

In order to be always up to date on new Italian organic products, Siriano Fidanza avails himself of the support given by the taveller and explorer Riccardo Felpagialla.